Available Trails

  1. Appalachian Trail 2,202.0 miles
  2. Arizona Trail 813.6 miles
  3. C&O Canal 216.2 miles
  4. Camino Francés 566.4 miles
  5. Chemin Le Puy 458.6 miles
  6. Colorado Trail 484.4 miles
  7. Crater Lake Trail 36.0 miles
  8. Florida Keys Trail 138.8 miles
  9. GR20 (Corsica) 118.1 miles
  10. Great Allegheny Passage 150.0 miles
  11. John Muir Trail 263.7 miles
  12. Long Trail 278.1 miles
  13. Pacific Crest Trail 2,689.5 miles
  14. Portugal Camino (Central) 388.5 miles
  15. Portugal Camino (Coastal) 270.9 miles
  16. Scottish Highlands Way 201.5 miles
  17. Seattle City Walk 358.9 miles
  18. Superior Hiking Trail 312.0 miles
  19. Sydney City Walk 100.9 miles
  20. Tahoe Rim Trail 173.1 miles
  21. Tour Mont Blanc 106.6 miles
  22. Wonderland Trail 140.7 miles

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Map
Length: 2,202.0 miles
Steps: 4,995,623
Burns: 283,085 calories (80.9 lbs)
It's the grand-daddy of long-distance hiking trails! Stretching from Georgia to Maine and capturing the imagination of millions, now it's your chance to hike this world-famous trail!

Arizona Trail

Arizona Trail Map
Length: 813.6 miles
Steps: 1,845,794
Burns: 104,595 calories (29.9 lbs)
Hike from the Mexican border to the Utah border, through the hottest of deserts and lush forests, from snow-covered peaks to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

C&O Canal

C&O Canal Map
Length: 216.2 miles
Steps: 490,488
Burns: 27,794 calories (7.9 lbs)
The C&O Canal, follows alongside the Potomac River from Washington, DC, on an old towpath championed by George Washington himself. This is a walk through history that includes the French and Indian War, Civil War and more!

Camino Francés

Camino Francés Map
Length: 566.4 miles
Steps: 1,284,950
Burns: 72,814 calories (20.8 lbs)
Follow in the footsteps of millions along this ancient pilgrimage route through the Spanish countryside on your way to Santiago.

Chemin Le Puy

Chemin Le Puy Map
Length: 458.6 miles
Steps: 1,040,335
Burns: 58,952 calories (16.8 lbs)
Part of a larger network of trails known as the Camino de Santiago, this ancient pilgrimage route meanders through the scenic French countryside.

Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail Map
Length: 484.4 miles
Steps: 1,098,949
Burns: 62,274 calories (17.8 lbs)
Walk along the backbone of the Rocky Mountains among the highest peaks of Colorado. The air may be thin, but the views can't be beat!

Crater Lake Trail

Crater Lake Trail Map
Length: 36.0 miles
Steps: 81,672
Burns: 4,628 calories (1.3 lbs)
Strap on your snowshoes for this winter walk around the deepest lake in America. You haven't seen Crater Lake until you've seen it with a blanket snow!

Florida Keys Trail

Florida Keys Trail Map
Length: 138.8 miles
Steps: 314,892
Burns: 17,844 calories (5.1 lbs)
Warm up with a brisk walk through the Florida Keys following the old railroad built to connect Key West with mainland America.

GR20 (Corsica)

GR20 (Corsica) Map
Length: 118.1 miles
Steps: 267,842
Burns: 15,178 calories (4.3 lbs)
Hike the length of Corsica—a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea—along the roughest, toughest GR route in Europe!

Great Allegheny Passage

Great Allegheny Passage Map
Length: 150.0 miles
Steps: 340,301
Burns: 19,284 calories (5.5 lbs)
This trail picks up where the C&O left off in Cumberland, MD, as does the historical content including coal mining, coke ovens and finishing up in steel capital of the world: Pittsburgh, PA.

John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail Map
Length: 263.7 miles
Steps: 598,250
Burns: 33,901 calories (9.7 lbs)
Hike the crown of the Sierra Nevada from Yosemite Valley to the highest peak in the contiguous United States: Mount Whitney!

Long Trail

Long Trail Map
Length: 278.1 miles
Steps: 630,919
Burns: 35,752 calories (10.2 lbs)
America's first long-distance hiking trail, the Long Trail spans the length of Vermont—and we'll be hitting it at the peak of the fall foliage!

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail Map
Length: 2,689.5 miles
Steps: 6,101,602
Burns: 345,757 calories (98.8 lbs)
Hike from Mexico to Canada, through searing deserts and over snow-covered mountains—the PCT takes you through some of the wildest, jaw-dropping scenery in North America!

Portugal Camino (Central)

Portugal Camino (Central) Map
Length: 388.5 miles
Steps: 881,399
Burns: 49,946 calories (14.3 lbs)
Follow the Camino de Santiago from Lisbon to Santiago along the Portuguese Central route.

Portugal Camino (Coastal)

Portugal Camino (Coastal) Map
Length: 270.9 miles
Steps: 614,471
Burns: 34,820 calories (9.9 lbs)
Enjoy a walk along the beautiful Portuguese and Spanish coasts from Porto to Santiago and beyond!

Scottish Highlands Way

Scottish Highlands Way Map
Length: 201.5 miles
Steps: 457,138
Burns: 25,904 calories (7.4 lbs)
Travel through the famed Scottish Highlands from Glasgow to Inverness along the West Highland and Great Glen Ways, including a summit of Britain's tallest peak: Ben Nevis.

Seattle City Walk

Seattle City Walk Map
Length: 358.9 miles
Steps: 814,228
Burns: 46,140 calories (13.2 lbs)
Take a tour of the famous (and infamous) sites of Seattle. Even if you've lived here all your life, I'll bet you discover something new!

Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail Map
Length: 312.0 miles
Steps: 707,827
Burns: 40,110 calories (11.5 lbs)
Follow the shore of Lake Superior from the Wisconsin border to the Canadian border along the North Shore of Minnesota!

Sydney City Walk

Sydney City Walk Map
Length: 100.9 miles
Steps: 228,909
Burns: 12,972 calories (3.7 lbs)
Head down under and check out a bushwalk in Australia! Or rather, through the heart of Sydney.... which actually does include some bushwalking!

Tahoe Rim Trail

Tahoe Rim Trail Map
Length: 173.1 miles
Steps: 392,708
Burns: 22,253 calories (6.4 lbs)
Lake Tahoe's dazzling blue waters will have you gasping in awe, and you'll see it from every perspective along this hike around the lake.

Tour Mont Blanc

Tour Mont Blanc Map
Length: 106.6 miles
Steps: 241,761
Burns: 13,700 calories (3.9 lbs)
Take a trek through the world-famous Alps of Europe! This route will circle around Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe passing through France, Italy and Switzerland.

Wonderland Trail

Wonderland Trail Map
Length: 140.7 miles
Steps: 319,225
Burns: 18,089 calories (5.2 lbs)
From giant glaciers to tiny wildflowers, the aptly-named Wonderland Trail hits it all on this trip around Mount Rainier.
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