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How to Configure Your Omron HJ-303 Pedometer

When your pedometer first comes out of the box, you’ll need to configure it. When you change the battery, you’ll have to reset the time on your pedometer, but the process for changing it is the same.

Step 1: Setup

Pressing the Set button

Using a small, sturdy stick, poke the set button on the back of the pedometer. The official directions suggest not using a sharp point even though that’s almost the only thing that will fit in the small hole! But if you break a toothpick in half and use the unsharpened point, that would be perfect. I’ve also used the tip of a ballpoint pen. (In this photo, I used a splinter from a piece of driftwood I found on the beach.)

You’ll now be in the setup mode, which you can see from the word Setup lit on the display.

Step 2: Time

Setting the time

The hour on your pedometer will now be blinking. Use the up and down buttons on your pedometer to adjust the hour and press the mode button when finished.

This will get the minutes to start blinking. Adjust the minutes just like you did with the hour and press mode again to continue.

Step 3: Weight

Setting your weight

To accurately track the number of calories you burn, the pedometer needs to know your weight. Use your weight when you’re fully clothed, including shoes. Unless you make a habit of walking around naked, you are carrying around the weight of your clothes, shoes, pocket litter and perhaps even a small pack. It all counts towards burning more calories! When finished adjusting your weight, press the mode button again to....

Step 4: Height

Setting your height

Set your height, adjusting the blinking display up or down as needed. I’m not actually sure why the pedometer wants to know your height, except that maybe it gets used to calculate your ‘moderate activity.’ When completed, press the mode button again to....

Step 5: Stride

Setting your stride

Set your stride, in feet and inches. Your stride, to be clear, is the length of a single step—not two steps. If you don’t know your stride, use 2’7“ (for men) or 2’2“ (for women). That’s the average stride for men and women in the United States and unless you’re freakishly tall or freakishly short, it’ll be sufficient until you have a chance to measure your stride.

When you’re done, press the mode one last time to take you out of the setup mode. Your pedometer is now ready for use!