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How to Measure Your Stride

Hiker down! Hiker down!
Florida Keys Trail, 22.1
You can do better than this!

You’ve picked out a pedometer, but when you use it, the distances it reports are dead wrong. Why? Probably because the pedometer doesn’t have an accurate measurement of your stride—it must be calibrated. There are a multitude of ways of measuring your stride, and we cover the most common and popular methods below—along with which would work best for you.

For our purposes, a stride is a single step. Some people count a stride as two steps, but most pedometers consider it one step and this website considers it one step. If for some reason you need the distance for two steps, just double your results after measuring the length of one step.

Once you’ve measured your stride, don’t just use it to accurately configure your pedometer. Hop over to your measurement settings on Walking 4 Fun to accurately set your stride here as well.