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Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an app for this website?

I wish I could say yes, but alas, there is not. This website was created by a single person—me! I’ve done all the hiking (though I hope others can contribute additional trails in the future) and built the website—all the while developing other websites to pay the bills so this is essentially a part-time job for one person.

And I just don’t have the time (or skills) to develop apps for all the different types of devices out there. But I do hope to continue improving the experience for the mobile version of this website!

But! For some people, they just want to add Walking 4 Fun to their home page of their smartphone to remind them to enter steps regularly, and you can add a shortcut to this site to do just that. Plus, there is a little magic so the browser acts more like an app by getting rid of the address bar and other browser features that are not necessary except to visit other websites. Chrome even creates a rather nice splash page while the website is loading.

Exactly how to do this varies depending on your device and browser, but look for an option to install or add shortcut or something to that effect.

I tried to change trails but it didn’t work. Any guidance?

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that—surprise!—it did actually work!

There’s one thing to keep in mind when you change trails—Walking 4 Fun will not allow you to walk on two or more different trails on the same day. Consequently, if you’ve already logged step counts for today, then you try to change trails, the step counts will stay on the old trail. If you add more step counts to today, they will continue to be added to the old trail. The trail change won’t take effect until a new day begins.

To check your current active trail and where you are on it, look at your Profile page. That first photo on the page displays your current active trail and your location on it.

It is possible to override this behavior and reassign step counts that were already logged to a different trail: Delete the day’s step counts first. Once you’ve deleted the day’s step counts, it’s essentially a “new day” as far as Walking 4 Fun is concerned. Now if you add step counts, they’ll be added to your currently selected trail. To delete a day’s step counts, enter 0 for your step counts. Then re-add whatever step counts you had done for the day and they’ll be assigned to your currently active trail.

I reached the end of the trail, but now Walking 4 Fun has me on another trail I don’t want to do!

When you reach the end of a trail, Walking 4 Fun gives you the opportunity to select which trail to start next. If, however, you do not select one yourself, Walking 4 Fun will automatically select a new trail for you. You’re more than welcome to change trails at any time, but if you’ve already recorded steps on the new trail, you’ll have to delete those steps and re-add them to move them to your trail of choice. (See the previous FAQ for details about that.)

This happens most often for people who’ve linked their Fitbit account to Walking 4 Fun. Fitbit will constantly sync your steps with Walking 4 Fun even when you aren’t on Walking 4 Fun so you might “walk off” the end of the trail. Rather than allowing that, Walking 4 Fun will simply move you to another trail instead—at least until you specifically select a trail for yourself. (However, any days that you’ve already recorded steps on the auto-selected trail will stay put unless you explicitly delete the steps and re-add them.)

For people who manually enter their steps each day, you’re much less likely to wind up on an auto-selected trail since the very second you finish a trail, Walking 4 Fun will ask what trail you want to do next and you select it. Technically, you don’t have to select a new trail, but at least you’re given the opportunity. With Fitbit automatically adding steps, however, you could finish a trail and not log into Walking 4 Fun for a week before realizing that you’ve walked right off the end of the trail.

Although it is possible to delete steps from a date and re-enter them to move the steps to a different trail, I don’t really recommend it. A day or two of steps on another trail isn’t going to hurt anything and it doesn’t really seem like it’s worth the effort. Just select a new trail and know that from then on, new steps will go on your newly selected trail.