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Device FAQs

Do you support the iWatch?

Sorry, but no. This is a one-man operation—and a part-time job, no less! I just do not have the resources to support lots of types of devices. Sorry. Perhaps someday, but not for now.

Why do the miles on my device not match the miles reported on Walking 4 Fun?

Distances are calculated based on your stride length. If there’s a mismatch between the settings on each website, it’s because your stride is set differently for each of them. Log into your Fitbit or Garmin Connect account and check the stride length there. Here, your stride can be found (and set) in your measurement settings.

Either update your Fitbit or Garmin Connect account to match our settings, or update our settings here to match your Fitbit or Garmin Connect account.

Caveat: It’s still possible that the distances may not match up precisely because sometimes your device will attempt to distinguish between running steps vs. walking steps and adjust your calculated stride accordingly. As long as the reported distances are similar, don’t lose sleep over it!

Why haven’t my steps synced with my device?

First, check your device settings and make sure your device is still linked to Walking 4 Fun. Sometimes they become unlinked for unknown and mysterious reasons.

If your device shows up as being active, make sure that you have actually synced your device! Walking 4 Fun does not get notified of updates until your device gets synced. If you aren’t sure, log into your Fitbit or Garmin Connect account and check if your synced steps show up there. If they don’t, then your steps haven’t synced.

If that’s not the problem.... maybe the notification to Walking 4 Fun somehow got lost in the vastness of the Internet. If you use a Fitbit, you can re-sync with Fitbit’s servers by typing “fb” as your step counts for the day that had not synced. If you use a Garmin device, you will need to manually type in your steps for the missing days.

If the problem continues to happen, contact us and we’ll try to figure out what is happening.

How do I link my device with Walking 4 Fun?

You can link your devices from the device settings page. Currently, only Fitbit and Garmin devices are supported.