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Welcome to Walking 4 Fun!

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For simplicity, this website generally refers to step counts, but you can mark your progress with miles, kilometers or even calories burned—and the My Walk page is where you’ll enter and track your daily progress.

It defaults to steps, but you can type something like “1.2 miles” or “3.2 km” and we’ll figure it out. If no units are specified, steps are assumed. (You can change this in your settings.)

As for pedometers, this website largely assumes you have one. It’s not required—but it’s fun counting steps. Even a little addicting!

We support Fitbit and Garmin devices, and you can have your step counts wirelessly and automatically uploaded to Walking 4 Fun throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Garmins and Fitbits are currently the only types of devices that we support. If you have another type of device, you will have to manually enter your day’s step counts.

You can link your Garmin or Fitbit devices on the device settings page.

Now... go enjoy this little website!! =)

— Ryan