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Trail FAQs

Will you ever add a trail in Canada?

I definitely expect to add support for the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Trail along Vancouver Island in British Columbia one of these years. I’ve hiked the trails once before and they’re easily short enough and awesome enough that I would very much like to do the trail again and get enough photos to add to this site. I don’t have a specific date or year currently planned. It could happen this year, or it might be a few years, but it will definitely happen. *nodding*

Longer term, I’d like to hike the Great Divide Trail someday which runs for hundreds of kilometers through the Canadian Rockies. That definitely won’t be happening in the near future, but perhaps in a few years, I’ll make the trek.

There’s also the International Appalachian Trail which is a possibility. I’ve already hiked the distance from Key West, Florida, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. Continuing on along the International Appalachian Trail into Canada seems like a natural extension of that hike, but admittedly, I don’t have any plans in the near future to do that. A lot of other hikes I want to get done first!

West Coast Trail
The West Coast Trail stretches over one of the most beautiful and challenging coastlines of North America—and someday I’d like to add it as an option.

I tried to change trails but it didn’t work. Any guidance?

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that—surprise!—it did actually work!

There’s one thing to keep in mind when you change trails—Walking 4 Fun will not allow you to walk on two or more different trails on the same day. Consequently, if you’ve already logged step counts for today, then you try to change trails, the step counts will stay on the old trail. If you add more step counts to today, they will continue to be added to the old trail. The trail change won’t take effect until a new day begins.

To check your current active trail and where you are on it, look at your Profile page. That first photo on the page displays your current active trail and your location on it.

It is possible to override this behavior and reassign step counts that were already logged to a different trail: Delete the day’s step counts first. Once you’ve deleted the day’s step counts, it’s essentially a “new day” as far as Walking 4 Fun is concerned. Now if you add step counts, they’ll be added to your currently selected trail. To delete a day’s step counts, enter 0 for your step counts. Then re-add whatever step counts you had done for the day and they’ll be assigned to your currently active trail.

I reached the end of the trail, but now Walking 4 Fun has me on another trail I don’t want to do!

When you reach the end of a trail, Walking 4 Fun gives you the opportunity to select which trail to start next. If, however, you do not select one yourself, Walking 4 Fun will automatically select a new trail for you. You’re more than welcome to change trails at any time, but if you’ve already recorded steps on the new trail, you’ll have to delete those steps and re-add them to move them to your trail of choice. (See the previous FAQ for details about that.)

This happens most often for people who’ve linked their Fitbit account to Walking 4 Fun. Fitbit will constantly sync your steps with Walking 4 Fun even when you aren’t on Walking 4 Fun so you might “walk off” the end of the trail. Rather than allowing that, Walking 4 Fun will simply move you to another trail instead—at least until you specifically select a trail for yourself. (However, any days that you’ve already recorded steps on the auto-selected trail will stay put unless you explicitly delete the steps and re-add them.)

For people who manually enter their steps each day, you’re much less likely to wind up on an auto-selected trail since the very second you finish a trail, Walking 4 Fun will ask what trail you want to do next and you select it. Technically, you don’t have to select a new trail, but at least you’re given the opportunity. With Fitbit automatically adding steps, however, you could finish a trail and not log into Walking 4 Fun for a week before realizing that you’ve walked right off the end of the trail.

Although it is possible to delete steps from a date and re-enter them to move the steps to a different trail, I don’t really recommend it. A day or two of steps on another trail isn’t going to hurt anything and it doesn’t really seem like it’s worth the effort. Just select a new trail and know that from then on, new steps will go on your newly selected trail.

If I change trails, do my miles move?

No, the miles stay on the trail you were on when you entered them. If you want to move miles to a different trail, delete the miles from the day that you want to move, switch trails, then re-enter the miles for that day. This will remove the miles from the old trail and add them to your newly selected trail.

If I change trails, will I lose my place on the original trail?

No, we’ll save your position on the trail you left so you can rejoin it later, continuing from the same place where you got off.

Can I add a trail of my own hike?

Maybe! Although all of the trails currently supported were hiked by myself (Green Tortuga), I’m not opposed to adding thru-hikes by others and even built in functionality to support trails created by others. You do, however, have to contact me (use that Contact Us button at the bottom of the page) to get the ball rolling. There’s a lot of work and setup involved—even after your hike is over!

Also, before your hike, it might be a good idea to send a message my way to make sure it’s something I’d be interested in adding in the first place. Here are some considerations in adding a trail:

  • Look for a trail of at least 100 miles in length. Yes, I added the Crater Lake Trail which is a mere 36 miles, but that’s an exception to the rule because it is absolutely spectacular, world-famous and unique as the only snowshoe/winter hike on this website. And even then, I seriously considered not using it.
  • Only complete trails are allowed. From end-to-end, all completed in the same direction. If you’re section-hiking a trail, that’s fine, but it won’t get added until you’ve finished all sections. You can do the sections in any order, but always keep the direction of travel the same so the sections can be seamlessly merged together into a single, long hike.
  • There will be no sort of compensation except for the joy of seeing your photos used on this website and the gratitude of everyone who virtually thru-hikes your trail. You will, of course, have official credit for being the person or persons who hiked the trail and took all of the photos.
  • Since it is disruptive towards anyone virtually walking the trail to have it removed out from under them, once a trail is added, you can never delete it! If you ever decide that you do not want your trail featured on Walking 4 Fun, it can be closed. Those who are already on it will be able to finish your trail and those who have completed it will always keep it in their historical records, but no new walkers will be able to join your trail.
  • Although your trail will become a permanent addition to Walking 4 Fun, we claim no copyrights on your work or photos.