Walking 4 Fun!

Under Construction

Alas, sorry to say, you've reached us at a bad time. We're doing stuff. I know, that sounds vague, but this is a generic message you're reading. Sometimes we have to upgrade the server's software or hardware. Sometimes we're uploading new features. Sometimes we're fixing glitches that have come up. The reason doesn't really matter, though—the thing is, our site is currently unavailable.

Don't worry, however! This is just a temporary thing. Usually we'll be back up and running within an hour. We can't make any promises (unexpected issues sometimes turn up), but rest assured that we have some highly trained monkeys on the job and they're earning their keep right now! We'll post updates to our Facebook and Google+ pages if we expect the site to be down for more than an hour or so.

We have lots of other ideas for things you can do in the meantime while you wait for us to get everything back up and running again!

Pull out that dusty pedometer and get out and walk!

Omron Pedometer
Fitbit One

That's really what this website is all about in the first place!

Read a Book!

Tale of Two Trails

You ever hear of Ryan Carpenter? He's the fellow who built this website and spent many months hiking all the trails on this website, taking the thousands and thousands of photographs used for your virtual walks. A fascinating character, don't you think? He's also written this book about his experiences hiking the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Marine Trail! A Tale of Two Trails: A lesson in pain and suffering he calls it. Now's as good as time as any to buy a copy, and the Kindle version is just $1.99! If you're wondering why the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Trail are not featured as virtual hikes on this website, there's a good reason for it that will be obvious to anyone who reads the book! ;o) (Someday, though, he might do the trail again and get the necessary photos for use on this site.)

Go Letterboxing!

Altas Quest: The world's largest letterboxing website

Letterboxing is a game of hidden treasures played by people from around the world. The treasure is a hand-crafted rubber stamp that you can stamp into your personal logbook. Letterboxers hide them in parks and forests around the world then post clues for others to find them. It's a great way to get out and add to your step count as well. Sound intriguing? Get started at Atlas Quest, the world's largest letterboxing website!

Here's an interesting piece of trivia you might not have known: Did you know that Walking4Fun.com shares a server with Atlas Quest? Yes, it's true. The same person who brought you this website is also responsible for Atlas Quest. In fact, a lot of the same code runs both websites! On a related note, sometimes when I do an update that affects the whole server or database, Atlas Quest might be temporarily down as well. Usually the updates are site-specific, however, and usually only one site is down at a time.

Build a Soda Can Stove!

A soda can stove

In another blatant attempt at self promotion, check out one of my other websites about How to Build a Soda Can Stove. The stoves are kind of cool (really!), though admittedly, unless you're backpacking, I'm not really sure what you'd ever use it for. There's also an option for building a cat food can stove if cat food is more your thing than sodas!

Not to mention other related tutorials including A Backpacker's Cookset, How to Build a Pot Support and How to Build a Windscreen.

Hopefully, we'll have this website back up and running within the next hour or so, so please come again later and sorry for any inconvenience our downtown might have caused.